Let me ask you something: How would your surroundings look without design and marketing?
While you think about this, let me introduce myself and tell you a short story about my work. 
My name is Stefan Todorovic and I am a graphic designer and marketing specialist with more than seven years of experience in both. Since these two professions go well together, I wanted to learn as much as possible about each one and build a career through their fusion. 
My design is fast and brave. Most of the projects I worked on had a tight deadline, so there was no time to waste. But designing fast doesn’t mean there’s no room for innovation. Being brave and making changes from time to time keeps the brand compelling and fun. 
At the beginning of my design career, I focused on character illustrations. Finding and trying out new styles in design always kept my creativity flowing.
Eventually, I started thinking about how to make recognizable graphics using different design elements. I began learning about typography and other eye-catching elements that grab the attention of potential users or customers. Yep, that is when my marketing side started kicking in.
Now, it is all about combining these two: Creating unique designs that grab people's attention.
So, how would your surroundings look without design and marketing? Pretty damn boring if you ask me. If you expected a better answer, you are in the wrong place. But since you are looking for an experienced designer, you are the right one.
Contact me, and let me transform your ideas into effective design.
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